Our High School Goals and Mission

  • To provide a solid base of experiences that are essential for later learning,

  • To facilitate a strong sense of self esteem, increase the student's capacity for self-discipline, and

  • To foster an excitement and curiosity for learning.

Since our mission is on the development of the whole child, we integrate values within the academic framework and  strive to help students develop respect for themselves and for others. Small classes allow for differentiated instruction according to the needs of the child.


In Jr. K and K, we follow the ABEKA curriculum, through which our students learn phonics and reading well above their peers.  Jr. K students work on developing fine motor skills, begin phonics,  introduced to science and communities, develop social skills, learn spatial relationships, learn to appreciate the world around them, get introduced to age-appropriate computer programs and visit the school's library . PE and Art are regular parts of the schedule.


In Kindergarten, the focus is on the development of reading skills.  Iowa tests at our Kindergarten level are at the 80th percentile level in the language arts and have increased greatly for the 2012-13 school year. Phonics is strengthened as are skills in penmanship, oral communication and social interactions.   Math, science, and social studies build on knowledge learned in Jr. Kindergarten to more complex levels of understanding. In each subject area, creativity and curiosity are encouraged. Religion, Computer Skills, Art, and visits to the library are regular components in the schedule as is Physical Education.


In Grades 1-5, emphasis is on developing in students a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves and others, as part of their self development. The school strives for a balance between improving students ability to retain key facts and concepts while fostering critical thinking skills and creativity. There is an emphasis on helping students transfer concepts from one subject area to another.  Writing and reading skills across the curriculum are honed on a daily basis. Math, science, social studies, language arts, religion and Physical Education/Health are integral parts of the curriculum.  Classes in computer technology and visits to the school's library are regular components of the schedule.


In each grade, students are provided with opportunities for responsibilities of increasing complexity. For example, 5th Grade students organize and implement theAnnual Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Program for the lower grades.


Assessment of learning serves to inform our instruction.  Results of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, administered annually, indicate that our students are performing at or above the average national percentile level in their subject areas.